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Wedding Bands & DJ’s

A selection of our favourite wedding music specialists to help you with your wedding planning and services Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens & the Central Coast

Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Post Stephens & Central Coast

Wedding Bands & DJ’s

Set the tone for your wedding day with the rhythm of relaxation, curated by our list of trusted wedding music vendors perfectly attuned to the vibes of Newcastle NSW, the rustic beauty of Hunter Valley, the coastal allure of Port Stephens, and the sunlit tranquility of the Central Coast. 

These vendors aren’t just playing tunes; they’re crafting soundtracks that resonate with the laid-back charm of these regions. Whether it’s the soft melody of waves for a beachside ceremony, the soulful serenade among the vineyards, or the mellow notes echoing through open spaces, our chosen music artisans understand how to infuse your celebration with a harmonious ambience. 

So, take a seat, let the music wash over you, and explore the options that promise to fill your day with melodies that mirror the unhurried elegance of your chosen locale.

Our Trusted Wedding Music Specialists

for Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast and The Hunter Valley

Mane Events

Mane Events is the home of Newcastle’s best wedding DJs – servicing Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Central Coast, Mudgee and beyond. 
0439 851 002

The Hummingbirds Collective

“The best Wedding Band in Newcastle and The Hunter”


“We’re an experienced band specialising in weddings and functions. Locations include Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and surrounding NSW regions.”
02 4955 9450

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