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Wedding Photographers & Videographers

A selection of our favourite wedding photographers and videographers to help you with your wedding planning and services Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens & the Central Coast

Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens & Central Coast

Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Say cheese and get ready to capture the magic with our handpicked selection of trusted wedding photographers, perfectly in tune with the relaxed and easy-flowing vibes of Newcastle, the enchanting Hunter Valley, the dreamy Port Stephens, and the sun-kissed Central Coast. 

These photographers aren’t just about snapping pictures; they’re all about seizing genuine moments that unfold like a lazy coastal breeze. From candid shots that capture laughter echoing through vineyards to stolen glances by the sea, our chosen photographers have an innate knack for freezing time in the most natural and unscripted way. 

So, let your hair down, let the sun kiss your skin, and let these photographers weave your love story into frames that exude pure, unpretentious charm.

Our Trusted Wedding Photographers and Videographers

for Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast and The Hunter Valley

Bryce Noone Photography

With an eye for candid emotions and a love for breathtaking landscapes, Bryce creates images that are both genuine and stunning, weaving your love story into every photograph.

Stories With Mel

Mel’s skill lies in capturing the smallest details and grandest moments, infusing each image with a touch of magic that makes your story shine.

Bella Photo Art

Specialises in capturing the elegance and sophistication of your wedding day, ensuring that every detail is preserved in images that will stand the test of time.
0416 285 447

April Werz Photography

For dreamy, romantic moments, April Werz Photography is the go-to choice. April’s soft and ethereal style emphasises emotions and connections, resulting in images that feel like fragments of a beautiful love story.

Cavanagh Photography

Cavanagh Photography is an esteemed Australian photography studio capturing life’s moments in a captivating way. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, their team crafts visual narratives that are as unique as the individuals they photograph. 

3L Photography

Vibrant colors and vibrant emotions – that’s what 3L Photography brings to the table. Their portfolio captures the joy of weddings with candid shots and striking compositions, painting a vivid picture of your special day.

Natalie Grounds Photography

Natalie Grounds Photography encapsulates modern chic and timeless love. Their contemporary approach brings out the best in both you and your surroundings, resulting in stylish and heartfelt images that tell your story with flair.

Florent Vidal

Florent Vidal Photography specialises in capturing raw, unfiltered emotions that make weddings so special. From intimate moments to grand celebrations, Florent’s portfolio encompasses a range of styles, all centered around authentic storytelling.

Artisan Studio

True to their name, Artisan Studio creates authentic works of art. Their attention to detail and dedication to capturing genuine emotions result in images that feel like pages from a fairy tale, preserving your love story in the most exquisite way.

Ludo Petrik

“We love weddings! Capturing the emotions, the relationships, the laughter, the love and all the little details that should never be forgotten. “
0404 140 343

I Heart Productions

“Creating emotional and engaging stories that are more than just Wedding Videos”
02 4906 0773

Thierry Boudan Photography

Thierry Boudan Photography adds a touch of grandeur to your love story. With a flair for the dramatic, Thierry captures the monumental moments of your day with an artistic touch that leaves a lasting impression.
0405 040 300

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